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Historical composite stone flooring reinvented for the modern lifestyle


The history of TERRAZZO is a long one; it is most widely known as the unique material created by Venetian marble workers and masons from oddly shaped marble chips left over after jobs and used for pavements and flooring in Venetian dwellings. During the last century Terrazzo has changed to the form of cement-base tiles using various kinds of grit and chips. This ancient texture is seeing a resurgence in demand as the options in textures, colours, chips and bases have increased its appeal.


At Stone Italiana, we recycle ceramic chips and quartz waste fragments in our TERRAZZO product and combine this with the strength characteristics of our quartz manufacturing to create large slabs. Measuring 307cm x 144cm, our slabs are suitable for kitchen worktops, bathroom countertops and all worksurfaces including those that come in direct contact with food.

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