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About the Collection

Cosmolite®‍ is our durable, sustainable and design kitchen top!

It doesn’t chip, scratch or stain, it is hygienically tested therefore suitable for contact with food. You can choose among 20 available colours to create the complete total look of your kitchen in Cosmolite® made of 100% recycled minerals!

Cosmolite® is a project based on hi-tech slabs formulated to offer new realms of visual identity and content for the design world.

Consisting entirely of inert materials differing to quartz and deriving from pre-consumer recycling, these surfaces offer a unique visual effect and perfect workability, in addition to high levels of hygiene.

This new, intriguing material is capable of reducing environmental impact and contributing to industrial renewal. While Cosmolite® enhances and ennobles recycled products, launching them in a new production process, it also offers an exclusive “quartz-free” formula, in compliance with sustainable architecture.

Made in five different collections, these slabs are ideal for all those extensive surfaces in which a powerful environmental sensitivity can be perceived.

* For slabs, colour and texture variations may occur between samples and delivered materials.

Available Sizes

144 x 307 x 2cm

Caring for this product

Gloss Finish

Wipe the surface after use with a cloth or a non scratch scourer sponge/pad and mild detergent. For stubborn food stains, use White King READY – TO USE light Bleach Spray bottle or a drop of undiluted White King Gel Bleach bottle and rinse with clean water. When you spot clean, please make sure you clean the whole surface as well.

SPECIAL NOTE: Quartz stones containing fragments of Mother of Pearl shell need extra care, as the shells are softer than the quartz material and not acid resistant. Therefore, caustic detergents (like Domestos), and bleach must not be used to clean these surfaces.

Grain Finish

Wipe the surface after use with a cloth or a sponge and mild detergent. For stubborn food stains and water ring marks wipe gently with a non scratch scourer sponge/pad as they occur using hot soapy water or use White King READY-TO- USE light Bleach spray bottle or a small drop of undiluted White King Gel bottle rinse with clean water. When you spot clean, please make sure you clean the whole surface as well.


We highly recommend Stone masons to use Lithofin MN, Stain-Stop, no-gloss sealer on all the Grain Matt (Super White13 and mid to dark colors) Jaipur, Juta, RocFace & Lunare slabs prior to cutting and Installing, to eliminate watermarks and sediments caused by recycled water.

HOT ITEMS: We recommend placing hot items (straight out the oven, microwave or from hot plate) onto a cutting board, and not directly onto any stone surface including granite, as this action may cause thermal shock within the material, which may be evidenced by the formation of fine hairline cracks. It is also not advisable to place electric Fry-pans, Grill and Woks directly onto stone surface for a similar reason, as some poorly designed appliances can overheat.

No stone is chip-proof, particularly at the sinks. It is tough but not Indestructible.

Product Warranty

The Stone Italiana company warrants all engineered QuartzStone* products as having total suitability for all Indoor domestic and commercial applications which include kitchen bench-tops, bathroom vanities, bar and food serving areas.

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Safety Information

To download a full copy of our Material Data Safety Sheet, please click the link below.

Download Material Data Safety Sheet