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The Stone Italiana company warrants all engineered QuartzStone* products as having total suitability for all Indoor domestic and commercial applications which include kitchen bench-tops, bathroom vanities, bar and food serving areas.

Produced by vibro-compaction in a vacuum and high pressure, slabs are produced without capillary pores or cracks. Stone Italiana engineered QuartzStone* products are guaranteed to have the following physical characteristics:


  • Water absorption/ porosity value less than 0.05%
  • A flexural strength value of 48mpa
  • Scratch resistance with surface hardness value of 7.6 on MOHS scale and Abrasion resistance class IV – very similar to porcelain.
  • Resistance to all food acids
  • Resistance to all food stains
  • Minimum care – requiring no sealing or waxing on all Gloss finish,
  • for other surfaces we  recommend Stone masons to use LITHOFIN MN, STAIN-STOP sealer, prior to cutting and Installing on the Grain Matt (Super White13 and Dark colors) Jaipur, Juta, RocFace and Lunare slabs to eliminate watermarks & sediments caused by recycled water.

The warranty offered by The Stone Italiana Company does not cover damages caused by physical or chemical abuse, nor from thermal shock or color variation due to exposure from sunlight, or damages caused by stressful movement of building or cupboards.

The warranty is not intended, nor should it be implied to cover any damage to other properties caused by or as a direct result of faulty or careless workmanship by installation contractors.


Stone Italiana’s Warranty does allow for return and exchange of slabs if shown to be faulty manufacture, providing the slabs have not been stored outside and are returned within a five day period from date of delivery. The returned slabs must be returned intact, un-cut, un-marked and in full slab size. A return may not be considered under any other circumstances.


This product warranty is regulated by the Stone Italiana ‘Terms and conditions of sale’ and should a copy be required, please contact us.